Key visual for ABBYY

Client and task


ABBYY is an international IT company developing smart information and language processing solutions. Worldwide, 50 million people use the company’s products every day.

Our task was to develop a key visual for the design of presentations, exhibition stands and marketing materials. It was important for the solution to work both in a static form and as an animation.

More about the task


ABBYY technologies are employed in many sectors of the economy. There needs to be a universal solution applied by all the departments within the company.

There are two main requirements to meet. First – move away from the boring images of neural networks that many IT companies exploit. And second – visualize the new general positioning of the company: Digital Transformation.

The main difficulty is to express an intangible product through a unique and understandable image. We decided that we need not just images, but a whole system, flexible enough so that the client could adapt it to their tasks.



When generating ideas, we were inspired by the metaphor of data flow. We visualized data flow as a translucent ribbon, which we used as a container for data, presented as text or symbols depending on the task and message.

We can put not just text on this tape, but also pictograms that vary depending on the department of the company this visual is applied to. This makes the solution multilingual and universal.

The solution fits perfectly with the company’s current style. The ribbon is always rendered in ABBYY’s signature red color. The predominant combination is a red ribbon against a red background. We also developed additional combinations, setting the red ribbon against blue and white backgrounds.

The number of sections in the ribbon changes with the angle of the frame.

We described the basic rules in the guideline to make it easier to work with the new visual system in fututre.

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