IT company DINS. HR website design and development

Client and task


DINS is one of the IT companies that work on the UCaaS platform for the American company RingCentral. The service unites all business processes on one platform with all the necessary tools: voice and video calls, documents, faxes, online conferences, a contact center and a corporate chat.

Our task was to develop an HR platform – a website that could tell about the company’s values and will become the main platform for the company's communication with potential employees and the IT community.

The idea of the concept


The design concept defines visual identity of the entire DINS HR brand. Therefore, we have chosen flexible and scalable images that can be applied to other brand platforms and social networks.

The first step was to suggest several visual images and metaphors. During the discussion with the client, we outlined three core ideas for the design concept:

Mix of real photos and graphics This combination allows to introduce the HR brand as human-oriented, open and easy to communicate with

Geometric images A circle and a square symbolizing the binary code are main graphic images. All elements of visual identity are based on these geometric shapes and their intersections.

Brand colors We updated the brand's color palette and chose brighter and more cheerful colors.

Home page


The main functions of the main page are to involve users in the culture of DINS, to inform them on the variety of vacancies and professional events of the company. DINS values its employees very much and takes care of them. Therefore, the website tells not only about the company and vacancies, but also about employees. The head element of the start screen is an animated slider: large photos and quotes set a positive and friendly mood, revealing the characters of people.

DINS employees are proud of the product they are working on. Our idea was to emphasize the complexity and prospects of the platform graphically: we created a unique geometric image for each fact.

We also created an animated tape-image for the technological stack that the DINS team is working on. It gives the user the possibility to switch to the page with corresponding vacancies by clicking on the name of the technology.

Job openings


The main goal of the HR-site is to present the company's vacancies so that potential employees can conveniently navigate them and catch on to the right one at a glance.

In order to streamline and simplify the search, we introduced three basic filters to sort vacancies by: Categories Technologies - the main programs of the technology stack that DINS develops. Teams. Each of them is developing a separate part of the cloud platform. Teams have different goals and specializations.

The page allows the user to send a resume even if there are no suitable jobs in DINS. It is important for the company to be in touch with candidates who share their values and are interested in working on the platform.

Events and success stories


DINS builds a professional community and sets standards of the IT culture: holds events together with other companies, shares experience in its blog and social networks.

All posts are divided into threads: DevOps, Java, JavaScript and QA. Users can not only view recordings of past events on the site, but also register for any upcoming event or join the live broadcast.

The company shares employees' personal stories in the format of articles and podcasts on its website, thus encouraging candidates who are hesitant to submit their resumes.

Mobile version


The mobile version expands the reach of the audience and ensures the availability of the site on any device. Working on design prototypes and page layouts, we made sure all the filters, forms and controls are user friendly with any size of the screen.



The current version of the site performs functions that used to be scattered on separate sites:

  • introduction of teams and products;
  • blog telling about the internal life of the company;
  • job openings and feedback collection;
  • events announcements and participants registration.

Administrative access to all sections is provided from one convenient control panel.

The website design is easily transferred to other media – DINS uses recognisable forms for all types of communications including a Telegram sticker pack.

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