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DRON.Digital is an online service that allows users to independently launch advertising campaigns on video screens in the city and gather statistics for each campaign, ranging from the number of ad views to the interests of the people who saw it.



«Our next step is to increase our user base by ten times,» said the DRON team at our first meeting. The company aims to reach a new level of turnover, so they need to attract clients who have not yet considered the product: entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized businesses and digital agencies.

To turn the potential audience into actual customers, it is necessary to build awareness of DRON as a profitable and effective advertising setup tool.

Work Plan

The existing product communication did not correspond to its level and the demands of the target audience. It was necessary to update it completely:

  • Formulate positioning that will be understandable to new target clients and wont alienate experienced ones.

  • Develop the brands personality.

  • Refresh the brand identity.

  • Develop a communication strategy aimed at attracting target clients.

  • Update the website to meet the audiences needs.


What the target audience needs

Our goal is to make marketers from digital agencies who are currently not involved in outdoor advertising, as well as entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized businesses who promote their businesses, become customers of DRON.

We have discovered that both marketers and entrepreneurs have biases that prevent them from considering OOH as an effective advertising tool. «Its only for big brands» and «An investment without clear results» are two key barriers that have slowed down the growth of our products audience. The DRON team has realized that these barriers cannot be overcome solely through competitive pricing.

New Mission and Brand Positioning

We have identified the functional benefits that DRON provides to address the audiences barriers:

  • The advertising campaign budget starts from one thousand rubles.

  • Screens that are seen by 70 million people every day in 34 cities. The DRON continuously increases the number of screens.

  • A user-friendly advertising dashboard where campaigns can be set up based on goals and target audience profiles.

  • Campaign results include reports on impressions and cost per contact.

  • Additionally, audience data can be exported for retargeting purposes.

The DRON team aims to revolutionize the approach to outdoor advertising and make it accessible to everyone. This led to the mission: to make outdoor advertising measurable and accessible even for micro-businesses. The teams spirit, mission, and functional advantages of the service form the foundation of our new positioning.

Tha Brand platform

How the mission and positioning were reflected in the character of the brand

DRON aims to gain the trust of experienced marketers and entrepreneurs from different regions. The former speaks the language of metrics and KPIs, while the latter may have only recently become familiar with advertising in Instagram stories.

This helped the brand image to appear  your friendly Android companion. It embodies the idea of a smart service that makes advertising setup understandable for everyone. The Android companion doesnt say unnecessary words and doesnt make mistakes because it relies on data. Its tone of voice is friendly and the 24/7 customer support ensures a good understanding of clients needs and difficulties.

In the editorial policy, we have established principles for interacting with different individuals across all functions, from the website and support services to email newsletters and social media.

The brand image materialized in the mascot. The DRON team affectionately calls it "Dronito"

New brand identity

We built the visual system of DRON based on the identifier inspired by the companys main object  the LED screen. We can look at it from a distance and see the screen as a whole, or up close noticing the individual LEDs it consists of.

Modularity and flexibility

Due to the simplicity of the base form, we have created a flexible system that works in both 2D and 3D. In 2D applications, we emphasize simplicity and versatility by using it in the website blocks, informational media, and for quick communication, such as social media.

3D Graphics

In 3D, we unfold more rich and emotional images for key communication. Each object contains a metaphor and expresses different ideas. By using dynamic unfolding «screens,» we convey the concept of advertising reach, while an abstract growing «city» represents advertising in the urban environment.

Stylistic unity of different media

Since the different types of graphics share a common form, the techniques can be combined. It allows to make the style diverse and to avoid monotony when working with multiple media while maintaining recognizability.

New communication strategy

Communication and positioning

To attract a new target audience to the product, we developed a communication system. We broke down the positioning into separate messages: for entrepreneurs  «Choose only those you know,» and for agency marketers  «Plus one tool for outreach campaigns.»

Attracting new users

We created acquisition funnels, assigning each tool a specific role based on the stage at which the user encounters it. We highlighted focus key metrics, defined the content concept, and devised a strategy for working with advertising tools. All decisions went through the filter of the new positioning and the character of DRON.

Taking into account that the implementation of positioning and the new identity should not slow down the influx of new users, we divided the strategy implementation into two stages:

1. Pre-full update

Task: To attract customers while working on the update. We selected the necessary minimum of advertising tools to achieve the annual plan for growing the new audience.

2. Post-full update

Task: To ensure exponential audience growth after the update through communications. We conduct major advertising campaigns and focus on metrics to observe how the level of awareness of DRON changes among the target audience.

To assist the in-house team, we have developed several detailed guides. They provide a comprehensive description of communication strategies for specific channels.

New Website


When designing the website, we took into account that entrepreneurs and marketers from digital agencies have different customer journeys and key messages. Thats why we created separate landing pages with different unique selling propositions (USPs) and narratives. We address the possibilities of advertising on digital screens to entrepreneurs while providing agencies with options and the cost of display upfront. To ensure users dont get lost, we capture their attention in two places: directing them to the relevant section through the header or using a section block on the homepage.

Worked through the barriers

On the old website, user immersion was not as smooth. For example, entrepreneurs could see the benefits of the product but didnt understand the value of advertising on digital screens. And there was no demo available for agencies to know how to use the service.

Website design

Advertising on digital screens cannot be static  it is a format of short slides that attract the eye. We have transferred the same idea to the concept of the site, adding dynamics to the elements. All design elements of the website are involved in branding and collected into a website design.

  • We use rotation to enhance the dynamics and feel the mood of speed up

  • a special font style to accentuate factoids large

  • a dark theme and focus on new blocks

Mobile version

Considering that many people access the website from their mobile phones, it was crucial to make the mobile version accessible, user-friendly, and fast. We made the pages compact without hiding content. By utilizing horizontal scrolling and collapsible sections, the mobile version provides informative content without overwhelming the user.

We are proud of the result

We have refreshed the brand and prepared several tools:

  • New communication roadmap: outlining whom, what, how, and when DRON should communicate to expand the active customer base. We will write an article about the results after a year.

  • Updated visual communications: we have solidified the brand elements in the brand book and demonstrated how they work with different advertising mediums.

  • Revised website architecture and design that reflect the brands positioning and meet the audiences needs.

Thanks to the DRON for becoming one united team (●●)

Client’s review

The super-task of Dron.Digital was to fulfill all the needs of any customer segment through just one source — our service. The Nimax team helped us build a communication strategy to engage with the audience in a unified manner, shaping the brand image and identity.

The Nimax specialists developed a new brand identity and condensed a large amount of information about the service into concise website forms. Here, you can find the entire DNA of the brand: our mission, description of benefits, ready-made case studies, and even our client community.

Egor Krylov
Egor Krylov
Head of Marketing at Dron.Digital

Project Team

Anya Gabysheva
Dmitry Lyamkin
Julia Varenikova
Ulyana Kozhevnikova
Anna Khudyakova
Alina Chernenko
Elena Yevtyushkina
Senior Graphic Designer
Nika Toroptsova
UX/UI Design Director
Julia Svetleishaya
PR and case assembly
Ekaterina Burtseva
Daria Morozova
Marina Morina
Katya Sukhoi
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