E-commerce design for K-Rauta

Client and Task


K-Rauta is a Finnish store chain that sells tools, construction products, and appliances. of stores specializing on goods for construction and, repair goods and on selling houses and cottages.

The market for of building materials is highly competitive. If the store wants to stand out, it needs to be modern and convenient for the customers; maintain a dialogue with the its clients both offline and on the website. Our task was to design a new online store that would become a part of the company’s communication with customers both in the real world and online.



We studied the market: competitors and their positioning. It is common practice for all the companies to provide a variety of construction and finishing materials, building tools, and household and garden goods. Convenient location, prices and, and interior design ideas — those are also among the competitive advantages of other companies.

K-Rauta offers its customers spacious stores, convenient navigation, and no queues. As a part of strategy to stand out from competitors, we set some new goals:

  • Create an omnichannel system for the customer: the user can add all the necessary items to the cart on the website, modify the list later on the mobile, pay at the checkout or online, receive the goods at home, or pick it up immediately.
  • Focus on additional services: designer or a technical consultant help.
  • Show the real interiors in stores.
  • Arrange K-Rauta goods into collections on the website  this will help to choose the goods of the same style.

The next step was to identify and describe the categories of online customers. We found several scenarios of their communication with the offline and online store  from looking for an inspirational idea to the final step of returning excess goods after completing the repair project.

We examined the steps of every user: search → convenient purchase → active process of repair → finish.

We defined K-Rautas role in this process as an assistant and consultant who does everything to simplify the process. We introduced ready-made collections from the K-Rauta catalog: the customer chooses the solution on the website and, if necessary, modifies it free of charge with the designer in the offline store.

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