Employer brand for Lineate, IT company

Client and task


Lineate is an outsourcing IT company, based in New York. Lineate's request was to create an employer brand for its division: key visuals and a slogan on top of the existing EVP and a set of values. It is a fairly common scenario when a lot of analytical work has already been done by the company itself, and we help to refine the positioning and build the employer brand visually.



When our clients provide their own EVP and research, we always start with an audit of the material. The Lineate marketing team has already provided all the necessary materials for us to proceed: EVP, company values, and the audience description.

With a task like this, our analyst has to filter out information relevant to the company's HR processes and sum up the task to allow designers and creators to dive into it without wasting hours on documents.

Our job came down to creating a visual identity for the employer that would be attractive to dynamic, social and mature specialists striving for development.



Together with the client, we settled on the slogan: Freedom to develop.

The slogan is a play-on-words: to develop means both to evolve and to program, and these meanings are embodied in the slogan. One of the values Lineate enforces is the freedom to experiment in work. This idea is embodied in the words Freedom to develop: employees have the opportunity to be creative and suggest unconventional approaches.

The concept of well-being is the focus for the company. Lineate offers support and helps in all the areas of their employees’ lives: physical health, professional growth and social life. This idea is also incorporated in the slogan: Freedom to develop means freedom to improve your life.

Graphic Idea


Lineate is an open, engaging and straightforward company. One of our tasks was to preserve the connection between the employer brand and the company brand, and to incorporate the company's key principles into its employer brand. The Lineate website design is rather contrast and strict, aimed at B2B relationships. Our task was to make this image more casual and inviting for the employer brand goals.

The base element of the visual identity system is the line that builds up the company logo. The graphic concept was built on the metaphor of experimenting and a potential new perspective of the line. A lot of linear images can be created, which makes the whole identity system flexible and functional, and makes it easy to customize pictures for the company's goals.

Variable and easy to use design elements are important for employer communications - it allows to create visual messages even when there is no designer or when time is short.

The line can be scaled and used in various ways. It is the main element of corporate linear graphics. It also can be extended to the form of a rectangle and contain any content (a picture or a text) or tile the background as brand graphics.

The Guide Book


We assembled a manual that describes the technical rules for using and further developing the corporate visual identity. We also drew up a specification for photographers to shoot the team.

Recruitment Landing Page


We developed a recruitment landing page on Tilda platform, to provide the information for the potential employees about the company and job offers. The page design further utilizes the visual identity concept created for the employer brand.



As a result of this project, we produced the design layouts for different media and a guide book for future work.

Moreover, a new recruitment landing page for the Lineate HR team was developed and launched. It supports the newly created visual identity of the employer brand and is oriented toward potential employees.

Project Team

Account manager
Alla Lifanovskaya
Olga Yakushenko
Artem Nikitin
Anastasia Bazylnikova
Art Director
Pavel Konyukov
Yulia Kulikova
Art Director, web
Asha Sahakyan
Web designer
Polina Shershneva
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