Branding and website of the Marine Geodesy

Client and task


The Morskaya Geodeziya corporate group performs essential surveying work in the oceans and seas for the planning, construction, and monitoring of offshore facilities. It develops, sells, and implements complex solutions and technologies for marine engineering surveys and dredging.

The Morskaya Geodeziya team is unmatched in their readiness to take on even the most difficult projects, in locations where others would not venture.

We were tasked with updating the visual identity of the group, while retaining a connection to their existing brand style and launching a user-friendly website that reflects company values.



Morskaya Geodeziya represents the romantic appeal of maritime operations, cutting-edge technology, and the hard work of people at sea. Our concept is based on the idea of synergy between nature, technology, and man.

The visual identity of the company revolves around a key generative image that combines technological efficiency with the fluidity of the natural elements. The basis of the generative image is a dot grid reminiscent of the interface of navigational aids.

To reinforce the maritime theme, we attached real sea, storm, and sonar sounds to the visuals. We used the numerical parameters of sound frequencies to generate three types of visual: waves, storms, and depth maps.

Sonar devices emit sound waves in order to detect underwater objects.



The new logo visually supports the previous logo. We retained the images of a triangle and anchor and made the logo more legible by decreasing the number of details and removing the gradient.

The logo features both text and the graphical image. These two elements can also be used independently of each other. The text element uses trendy lettering.



We started by analyzing the company's competitors in 2 spheres: maritime engineering surveying and maritime geodetic equipment sales. In doing so, we studied the industry and experience of competitor companies on the domestic and international markets.

The next step was to discuss the main sections of the site with the client and agree on what form they would take. To this end, we developed the layout of the site on Miro.

We then designed the website pages based on our knowledge of industry competitors, user scripts, and recommendations from SEO experts.

A generative video serves as the main visual identifier on the site. It is used as an interactive tool that engages users with the content.

When a user hovers over the caption “Hear the elements”, they hear the sound of the sea. The sound deactivates once the cursor is removed. An animated icon next to the caption ensures that the user instinctively understands what to expect.

We didn’t just redesign the Morskaya Geodeziya website; we completely rebuilt its structure and content. We expanded site functionality by adding equipment and fleet sections.

For convenience, the company projects page has two display modes:Morskaya Geodeziya projects can be viewed in the form of cards, or users can search for projects on a map to focus on regions of interest.

We embedded a customized file weight compressor and image size optimization into the file system to ensure that all audio, video, and static content can be quickly loaded. As a result, images load 20% faster and occupy up to 50% less space on the server’s hard drive.

Content was managed through CMS 1C-Bitrix with the addition of unique fields and modules for features such as interactive maps.



The printing and presentation designs also used generative graphics. Various generative textures in the visuals add variability and dynamism to the company’s static media, such as business cards, slides, presentations, work wear, and stationery.



We developed a brand style and launched a website that engages the user with the company’s work, reflecting its values and principles. On the site, users can quickly and conveniently find information, request survey work, or rent/buy equipment.

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