Pizza Hut. Delivery website and App concept

Client and Task


Pizza Hut is a pizza chain that has more than 15 000 restaurants worldwide. The task was to work on a website and app design concept for one of the franchises with special attention to UX/UI so that one could order pizza easily and effortlessly. Users found the current Pizza Hut website difficult to navigate: 73% of clients stop the order procedure before entering the delivery address, and only 10% of visitors complete the purchase.

PHDV Design System


The client requested us to follow the design concept set in Pizza Hut Digital Ventures, a design guideline that was developed for Pizza Hut websites globally. PHDV sets standards literally for each web page element: the logo, picture size, icons, colors, information layout for every page, and user scenarios. The only thing it does not take into account is the UX specifics outside the US.

After a series of strategic meetings with the company management, it was decided that it wouldnt be possible to follow the general guide verbatim. UX needs to be adapted for local use.

Features of Russian user experience


In the US, it is common practice for Pizza Hut customers to enter their postcode first to determine the delivery address and only then proceed to choose pizzas. They add toppings, choose a favorite crust and double the cheese before placing the order. There is no need for detailed pizza photos to examine and consider all the ingredients  every customer has a unique set of toppings. This is the user flow described in the PHDV.

But in the regions our target customers come from it is more common to choose one of the ready-made pizzas. People tend to check photos for pizza ingredients. All the delivery details come after the customer has chosen the pizza and is ready to order. We tailored the web interface to these specific scenarios.

Mobile App


We created a concept for a new Pizza Hut mobile app designed to meet user flow demands and local rewards program features.



The website is in development. The link will appear here.

Our results include:

  • designing the interface considering local UX features and meeting the PHDV standards
  • modifying order and personal account pages to introduce features of the russian loyalty program
  • modernizing and adjusting the interface design to current design trends

Client's feedback

This is not our first project with Nimax. Despite tough work conditions – rather tight deadlines, strict guidelines to follow and constant task changes coming on the run Nimax team has never let us down, always leading us towards best decisions, offering alternatives, supporting our ideas. Special thanks for client-oriented project managers and no bureaucracy.

Project Team

Account manager
Alla Lifanovskaya
Olga Yakushenko
Artem Nikitin
Anastasia Bazylnikova
Alexander Isakin
Art Director
Pavel Konyukov
Yulia Kulikova
Art Director, web
Asha Sahakyan
Web designer
Polina Shershneva
Olga Yukhta
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