Design and web development of the giveaway organizing service Represocial

Client and task


Represocial is a start-up from Germany that approached us with a project idea and design outline in Adobe XD. The service helps create and run a giveaway, as well as to save the results and statistics. For example, it can make a participation form and select a winner.

Our task was to refine the design, execute it with the idea and the expected business process in mind, and launch it online in five languages.

What is the idea behind Represocial


Organizing giveaway competitions on social media is not easy. Contest information quickly gets lost in the background, it's difficult to create links and track conversions, and entry forms have to be stored in Google Forms. Also, the giveaway post itself with time transforms into a large wall of text with emoji, where it's easy to miss important conditions, such as age or region limits.

MVP functionality


It is better to start any product with an MVP to test hypotheses and understand how the audience will react to it. Together with the client, we decided on a set of features for all types of users that would be sufficient for the launch.

  • The service collects all the giveaways from the influencer on one page called “the hub”. This page is only accessible to the organizer.
  • Each card in the hub is a separate giveaway with its own conditions, gifts, links and form of participation. The Giveaway can be customized to suit almost any mechanics of the draw.
  • Conditions of participation and gifts can be supported with links. Legal information can be hidden in a separate pop-up.
  • It is also possible to share any contacts with participants, with no social networking restrictions.
  • The participant form is custom built, so you can create any fields required for the competition.
  • The service is secure: participants' information is stored in the database for a month after the draw ends, and then it is automatically deleted.

Progress of work

  • We’ve put together the logic of the service in miro and realized that there are three scenarios for organizing giveaways: with a description, with a choice of predefined actions and a custom option. There were also two options for determining the participants: random and manual.
  • This data formed the basis of the new design and of the platform’s functions.
  • We thought through the UX/UI and improved the initial design. At the same time, we kept the logic of the service intact.
  • The admin panel is now capable of managing content and moderation. As a result, the client can work with the service without the developers’ help.
  • We’ve set up a cloud server and hosting on the DigitalOcean provider.
  • We’ve connected monetization of banner spots for Google AdWords.
  • We created a solution for image processing: remove metadata from files uploaded by users and compress it to save server space and page loading speed. The solution is built from several connected libraries, so it's universal and suitable for image formats from any device.



The service has been launched to a limited audience, and the client is planning to promote it. There are many ideas for developing, refining, and the service monetization.

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