Branding for the partnership marketing platform RevenueLab

Client and task


RevenueLab is a marketing partnership platform. The company acts as an intermediary for iGaming brands and webmasters who bring the brands traffic.

We were to develop a visual image for the platform geared towards a Western audience and to create a related identity for the company’s second focus, the CPA Lab brand. We had to note the brands’ shared background while emphasizing their individuality.

Details about the task


RevenueLab is the companys main platform and operates according to a financial model known as revenue share. The company has already made a name for itself on the market.

CPA Lab is the company’s new platform, with a CPA (cost per action) financial model. As this is a new brand, we needed to ensure that it inherited the reputation of the older brand, RevenueLab.

Developing two related identities, underlining their similarities while also highlighting their differences, was quite the challenge. First, we defined the brands’ characters.

The RevenueLab brand


RevenueLab is experienced, serious-minded, and highly competent. It does the analyzing,optimizing, and solves complex problems involving high revenue and risk. In developing an identity for the brand, we opted for conciseness and muted colors.

We chose a grid of dots as the visual identifier, with abstract figures as a reference to the nature of the service.

We paid attention to brand merchandise, as this is in high demand at exhibitions and client meetings.

The CPA Lab brand


CPA Lab is young and creative but with skills and experience inherited from RevenueLab. It helps webmasters to provide services and advice.

We took the main brands grid of dots as the basis for the CPA Lab identity, but made it greater using computer-generated 3D figures. Bold colors and shapes and the boldness of the solution reflect the competitive environment and nature of the market.

3D graphics dont work for all branded items, so we also used 2D graphics, similarly positioned on a grid of dots. We also added color gradients to emphasize the difference between CPA Lab and its more serious big brother.

Project Team

Art director
Pavel Konyukov
Kirill Zharkoy
Nika Toroptsova
Web designer
Nika Toroptsova
Julia Kulikova
Olga Yakushenko
Natalya Epifanova
Account manager
Alexandra Yukhina
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