Branding and website for Softline Computers

Client and task


Softline сomputers offers individual computer, server, and data storage system assembly services. It is part of the international and fast-growing IT company Softline, which has been operating for the past 28 years in around 58 countries and 95 cities globally.

We were tasked with updating the brand platform and company style to match their new positioning.

Brand platform


The company’s main audience consists of major corporate clients who represent the B2B and B2C sectors in gaming and cyber sports.

We generated a new brand positioning for the company: “Softline computers are a reliable solution for complex problems.” Clients often need more than just a server and computer. They need a ready-made solution for all kinds of challenging work processes.

During development, the updated positioning and key features of the company’s audience served as the cornerstone of the new brand identity.

Concept for visual identity


At the beginning of the project, the corporate style of Softline Computers almost exactly mirrored the approach of its parent company, Softline. We were tasked with creating a unique identity for the brand by adding expressiveness, while still maintaining a clear connection to the parent company. This was complicated by the diverging interests between the B2B, B2C, and cyber sport sectors.

We worked with the client to identify references and determine the design concept: the convergence of technological brutalism and emotional minimalism.

We were inspired by images that directly related to the theme — namely, metallic elements: mainframes, microchips, and assembly components. We were also drawn to the precision and consistency of engineering solutions.

We decided to use a grid as our base image, reminiscent of the layout of a microchip.

We then developed a corporate image identifier based on the grid concept. From one block of the trademark, we built patterns, numbers, and containers for content.

We used a metallized board in the media to emphasize the technological and brutalist character of the brand.

For the rebranding, we developed a memorable and dynamic generative pattern based on the grid, which added a layer of emotion to the corporate style for clients who represent the B2C sector.

The pattern can be scaled and altered according to media type, and can be used for both abstract graphics and specific themes. When used for business purposes, the media can appear relaxed and low-key. However, it can also be made rich and vibrant for the gaming sector.



The grid serves as the groundwork of the site concept and divides the page into two parts. The left side features a fixed block with a navigation tool that stretches across the screen. This section maintains the same pattern as the company style. The right side is dynamic and displays the user’s whereabouts in the relevant section.



We developed a corporate style that appropriately reflected the company’s ambitions and the trends driving today’s market. Softline Computers is a highly recognized brand that is integrated into its parent company, Softline.

Within the first few days, users began to take notice of the updated site, as evidenced by the doubling in the average time on page metric. We continue to work with the client to update the company style in all areas of brand messaging.

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