Building a corporate brand for Undatify, a data protection service

Client and task


Undatify helps people discover what personal data private companies hold about them and, if necessary, have it deleted. The service has been designed with a European audience in mind, but it can be used by anyone. Our challenge was to create an attractive and coherent brand style that would portray Undatify as protecting users’ private lives.



Concern over the possibility of personal data leaks is growing. Undatify gives its users control over their personal data on the Internet, enabling them to find and remove personal information.

An alphabetic code was chosen as the key visual element to symbolize information. Embedded in the code are places where users’ data is most often saved.

The Undatify logo was placed on a solid background that suggests the erasure of users’ personal information from the digital space.

The letter pattern moves from the digital space into reality. To achieve this effect, we employed an underlay of pictures and videos featuring people. Using the visual programming environment TouchDesigner, we developed a patch specifically for this project that enables a video to be converted into a branded digital pattern.

We also developed a design concept for the brand's social media accounts, compiled a guide for working with layouts in social media, and prepared templates to help users put creative content together fast.

Project Team

Art Director
Pavel Konyukov
Nika Toroptsova
Andrei Dorokhov
Anastasia Bazylnikova
Olga Yakushenko
Yulia Kulikova
Account Manager
Alexandra Yukhina
Natalya Epifanova
Marketing manager, Undatify
Kirill Yurkin
Community manager, Undatify
Kira Rakova
Product lead, Undatify
Mikhail Podlasov
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