Web-service development for the companies of YIT-group

YIT Web Service Development

Client and task


YIT is the largest Finnish construction company. Our task was to develop a web-service for YIT customers in specific regions.

Service strategy


We started the project with an analysis of the current services of the company.

We focused on weak aspects so that the new project would improve the communication between the company and its clients. Taking into account all the advantages of the existing client service, we found that YIT can bring its communication with customers to even higher standards. Provide more support after closing the deal, understand individual demands better, and offer extra services while avoiding bureaucratic terms and slow response.

These were YIT goals:

  • Upsale: sell more than one apartment per customer, parking lots, and storage rooms.
  • Receive all payments on time.
  • Provide up-to-date information about the construction progress to reduce incoming question flow.
  • Make sure the customers are content and have fewer reasons to worry about.
  • Computerize the processes that can be computerized

Key tasks for YIT web-service:

  • To collect information on the residents needs and provide all possible services in demand: water tap repair, window box replacement, and apartment maintenance.
  • Provide all customer services: meter readings, payment receipts, history of charges and payments, apartment documents, and a support chat with an operator.
  • Monitor the outward appearance of facades and front doors.

Those were the tasks we had to find the solution for.



Teaming up with YIT developers, we decided to introduce the following functions to the web-service.The web interface is designed for two user groups: customers and residents.

  • For customersLive streams from the construction site, company news, and an interactive calendar to provide future owners with answers to possible questions. A personal account also contains an installment payment schedule.
  • For residentsResidents can easily order and pay for any additional services, find out neighborhood news, and contact any member of the house maintenance team — from an accountant to an engineer. All the necessary documents are at hand: contracts, owners’ meetings summaries, and technical documentation. It is easy to handle meter readings data in your account, monitor their expiration date, and call the technician if necessary.

Philosophy and design


We imagine the YIT web-service as an experienced concierge with a good sense of humor and easy to talk to. Hes always honest, has a solution to any problem and is always ready to hand an umbrella to you.

Admin Panel


Most of the information for the admin panel comes from the YIT databases via the API. We integrated the Operator-24 service to manage incoming requests for services.

YIT web-service is a great help for the maintenance team: the admin control panel allows users to manage chats and lists of services and update all necessary information like house team and local services contact details. We are constantly improving the interface, reducing performance time of basic operations.

Future plans


We continue to work on the service even after the launch  all the updates were set up in two-week sprints. Our team manages version testing, new releases and is constantly in touch with the companys service staff members: accountants, bank system support team, YIT developers, future owners, and residents. We receive regular feedback from all user groups.

The data for analytics comes from GA and website databases as well as Power BI reports. We use it to build and test hypotheses, set priorities in development planning.

In total, we set up fourteen reports in Power BI, most of which are under NDA.



The website was launched in July 2017 and we continued to support and develop the project until 2022.

> 1000 LCD connected to the service
67,000 users signed up
> 3000 YIT customers use the service weekly

Client's feedback

Nimax has excellent business analysts - they were able to transform our ideas into real project decisions. The whole development process went smoothly. I think we have a very good customer interface — functional and modern.

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